Our Story


I became a mother of two under two, and it was the most emotional, beautifully messy, and rewarding experience of my life (and here I thought I’d hit my emotional peak during the final scenes of The Notebook).

Hand-in-hand with the exhilaration of motherhood, came the sleepless nights and bedtime wars (not to mention, dark circles the size of shopping bags). Needless to say, we were taken aback by our tiny humans transforming into miniature sumo wrestler/screaming banshee hybrids whenever night fell! My husband and I quickly realised that the key to solving this (and preventing the early onset of deafness) lay in an enjoyable bedtime routine. My children loved books that were calm and soothing, ones that would help them drift off to sleep in minutes.

I quickly discovered that there aren’t many selections of these loving, rhyming books with Asian themes and culture.  So, I took out an old poem that I wrote for my children when they were born and turned it into a book. The debut book, ‘I Love You, Little Dumpling’ is a homage to our Asian roots and one of our favourite dishes as a family (rightly so, because they are delicious!). As the very first poem I wrote for my very own ‘little dumplings’, it occupies an incredibly special place in my heart and a regular place in our bedtime routine.

That was how the Mini Love Tales series was born.

It is our aim to create a collection of loving picture books that helps create special memories together. As an Asian-owned company, it is also our mission to celebrate our culture to help fill the gap in the publishing industry, where Asian stories are under-represented.

By sharing this piece of our family with the world, I hope that our products will lovingly resonate with a lot of parents and children everywhere.